Imagine an Outsider searching for a connection.

Influenced by alternative culture-Language of the young.

Damaged by the norm-Boredom-escapes conventional reality.

Seeks creativity Experiments with Drug Culture.

Initiated subject-stars in a visual film pyschosis.


Jared protagonist becomes a Class-A-Drug-Victim.

Turned-On by Narcosis character disintegrates deeper.

In Europhic substances excessively.

Open Perception-mind-set enters hallucinations.

Mentally-Groovy trip transforms into dramatic mind games.

Travelling further below ZERO.

Screwed-Up-Fan disappears into dark underworld.

To control habit.

Cracked Actor needs to hustle to fuel Appetite.

Aching for Dealers-Owned by Nightlife taboos.

Junkie Rejoice Kill Demon suffer no more convictions.

Overdose or Burn-Out, Clean-Up-Join-Rehab

Cure your Soul Reach-Out for Spiritual Salvation.

Survive the Planet’s disease-Enlighten Your Mind.

Purge The Spirit.






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