Bowie – The Palimpsest.

fb_img_15214621019712Changes-Bowie No.1 ode.

No1. Instigator- Transformer.

No1. Artistic Template.


Forever pushing the boundaries of Rock ‘n’ Roll.

Filmed in Color .( Day-In-Day-Out) Black Grey & White.

“The Bowie Trajectory”


Films Bowie the main protagonist.

The Non-Conformist.

Filmed in “Sound & Vision” The Collector.

Portrays  the signature M.O. “Hit & Run”.

Fuelling The Catalyst.

The Art Of Self-Actualization.

Shot “Day-ln-Day-Out.

Closer To The Artform.

The Starmaker- Channels A-Metamorphosis.

Exits- Beckenham Arts Lab “Bohemian”

Enters “The Prettiest Star”.

The Muse Of Self-Transformation- Creation.

Zane Wilde.



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